A Bulletproof® Birth?!

I know, it's quite the juxtaposition. 

I didn't originally set out to be a holistic pregnancy coach but by following the breadcrumbs and showing up as more of myself every day, here we are. And I'm so excited to bring my unique skill set to women who need support along their journey from maiden to mother.

Making a Better Baby

Rewind back to 2014 when I was pregnant and my amazing sister gave me The Better Baby Book by husband and wife Dave and Lana Asprey. The book is based on the emerging science of epigenetics, showing how you can change the way your genes are expressed by changing your environment. I totally nerded out on all their content and put the research to the test.

I started doing food journals to see how different foods affected my energy, mood, libido, etc. I increased my dietary fat intake and finally felt satiated and kicked the habit of getting "hangry" on the daily. I started learning more about neuroscience and deepened my knowledge of the body/mind connection.

Somewhere in there, it clicked for me and I went from yogini to biohacker. 

It's so liberating to know that cutting-edge genetic research supports that lifestyle changes are the biggest factors in health or disease, not genes. And not just for our own health but for the health of our offspring. It puts the power back in our hands. And I had a huge opportunity to show up with some serious primal power for my son's birth day

Why Bulletproof®?

The Bulletproof® lifestyle is all about upgrading your mind, body, and energy to live in a high performing state. I don't know about you, but I love feeling good and being happy. When I shift away from kryptonite (the things that make me weak) and toward things that make be perform better, everything just seems to align and my happiness and vitality scores soar.

Like I said, I started to nerd out on all this stuff and really found a passion for it. I love discovering the small things you can do to be better at everything. 

I know that a lot of small things can add up to something big

I'll never forget that feeling when something big came across my inbox. It was an invitation to take a deep dive in the first ever Bulletproof Coach Training Program!

I slept on it but it was a resounding "hell yes!" for me and I haven't looked back!

Over the 10 month program, I learned how to optimize human potential from every angle: resilience, emotional intelligence, energy, mental clarity, etc. We learned how to share this information with clients in a customized way by expanding our awareness and grounding in the present moment. This presence-based coaching method is powerful. It can't really be explained, it's something you have to experience for yourself. Much of what I learned in this training was congruent with what I learned in my yoga teachers training, just more practically applied.

Having put this material into action on myself I can undoubtedly say that it was the best money I've ever spent. I know I've grown so much over the last year and I'm ready to help others who are ready to step up to the plate and take some action.

Thrive Baby, Thrive!

You gotta focus on what you know. I know that I loved my pregnancy, birth experience, and I love being a mother. I worked hard to put my best foot forward in all the areas I could control and it paid off. Now I have the tools to help other women create empowering birth experiences instead of just getting through it. I don't think we were meant to just survive.

We are meant to thrive!


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